Feeding yourself is a relentless chore.

It's time to reduce the mental load, overload. 

You want to eat healthy, you really do. You've even got a healthy Pinterest Board and a cookbook collection ready for "when things slow down".

How's that working out? Maybe it's time for a little support.




Lazy Healthy Membership

My Lazy Healthy Membership is your secret to finally tackling healthy meals with less effort. It's like having a nutritionst in the palm of your hand. Each month adds new simple, seasonal recipes designed for busy, and "lazy healthy" humans.  

End the wellness whac-a-mole 

I get it. You're spinning a lot of plates and trying to understand nutrition fact from fiction, is not something you've got time for.

I'm a nutritionist here to simplify your relationship with food and your life in the kitchen.


Healthy doesn't have to be hard. 

  • You can simplify your weekly food routine and reduce your mental load
  • You can save time and use hacks to make your meals faster and healthier
  • You can stock your kitchen with healthy food that's actually good
  • You can create an effortless rhythm that gives you better health
A nutritionist in the palm of your hand

Membership includes 

Join today and feel the stress melt away.

  • 5 Minute 5 Ingredient recipe library
  • New Recipe Videos added each month 
  • Curated library of my Better Brands that's easy to use at the store.
  • Shopping lists to navigate the supermarket with ease
  • My simple Blueprint plate formula to make satisfying and energizing meals.
  • Community Group to share small wins, setbacks and everything in between (like a Facebook Group but way better)
  • Weekly "Office Hours" with me. Each week I will talk tips and answer your questions LIVE (recordings are saved)

 I'm Jenny Jiles

  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist
  • Behavioral Change Specialist
  • Personal Trainer

Those are fancy terms, but the truth is I'm just a middle-aged woman who loves to eat and has a special place in her heart for any kind of cheesy poof. And I want to feel as good as I can while I'm spinning all of these plates.

Full disclaimer: I wasn't always healthy. My food groups for most of my life were casseroles, carbs and caffeine. Not a vegetable in sight that wasn't drowning in cream of chicken soup. 

I changed my health and my life over a decade ago, and I’ve helped so many women change their lives for good.

I really love helping women feel good, and being your guide to a simple, healthy, lazy lifestyle.  


For a limited time

Also get my KITCHEN RESET course. This course will get your kitchen set up, stocked, and streamlined for ultimate weeknight night simplicity. No more mental load, overload. 


Membership only


Per Month Includes

  • 5 Minute 5 Ingredient Recipe Library 
  • New Recipe Videos added each month
  • Curated Better Brands to simplify shopping and stock your pantry
  • Shopping lists to navigate the supermarket & online grocery stores with ease 
  • Community Group to share small wins &  struggles (like a Facebook group but way better)
  • Weekly Office Hours with Jenny. Each week I talk tips and answer your questions LIVE (recordings are saved)
  • Personal access to Jenny via direct message inside the membership.

Membership & Kitchen Reset

$275 $99

Free month of membership with purchase of Kitchen Reset

  • Everything inside the membership PLUS:
  • Easy Pantry Purge and Restock Guides to get you all set up
  • Efficient pantry and fridge solutions to maximize your time and waste less food. 
  • Time-saving tips for decoding package marketing lies & B.S. 
  • Streamline your weeknight dinner routine so it's hassle- free
  • Shorten cooking time with simple product & ingredient hacks
  • Stress-free lunch & Snack Guide to keep you fuel and satisfied 
  • Zhuzh up healthy packaged food brands for semi-homemade health
  • and more!


Let's revitalize your relationship with food and simplify your life in the kitchen.