If you're tired of that STUBBORN weight.

If you keep getting in your own way. 

If you're OVERWHELMED by the wellness industry BS.

 ...You're in the right place 


The hard truth is, if changing habits were that easy, we’d all be doing a lot of things differently. 

Behavior change is a science, and there are ways to improve the chances of you actually making changes that stick.

That's where I come in.

Hey, that’s me, Jenny-

Holistic Nutritionist and Behavioral Change Specialist, awkwardly holding those pomegranates.

I need you to know that diet-free health & weight loss is possible! I am passionate about empowering you to have freedom around food and feel your best!  Every journey is better (& more fun) with a guide and I offer two coaching options to fit your life. Whether you're looking for small-group coaching or an all-access 1:1 experience, I believe that by working together, your health and weight loss goal is achievable and sustainable.

I won't feed you BS, I'm not selling you an MLM pill, supplement, or RX injection that will magically solve all your problems. Why? Because they're selling lies. The only thing that works is the basics and science we've known for decades. 


R.A. (Age 47)

"My forever diet. It's my hormone, blood sugar stabilizing, stress reduction nutritional trifecta I implemented with Jenny. I'm down 18 lbs! I thought my metabolism was broken forever. Thanks for your help! It really changed my mid-life!"

Our Focus Together:

  • Tweak your diet and learn what foods are best for your body
  • Stop counting calories or points or a colors
  • Use my Blueprint formula to keep you satisfied and energized
  • Boost your metabolism to encourage¬†fat loss
  • Learn & shift areas of your lifestyle that are causing that stubborn weight
  • Simplify your weekly food routine to reduce mental exhaustion and decision fatigue
  • Build simple meals, snacks, and treats that are healthy, satisfying¬†and actually taste good
  • Stop yo-yo dieting, and understand why fast weight loss is bad news for your body long term (and increases the chances it comes back, plus more) ¬†¬†
  • Better navigate social events and travel without feeling FOMO
  • Become a better version of yourself with a more effortless healthy lifestyle.


Seriously, this kind of sustainable change is possible, and what I've been doing with 1:1 clients for years.


Statistically it takes 2-8 months to make a habit automatic

C.A. (Age 42)

"Jenny is amazing and seriously life-changingl! I reached out to Jenny after feeling really awful both mentally and physically. I knew I needed some changes but didn't know what to do. I quit heavy drinking, found my love for cooking and creating healthy and delicious food, lost 10lbs, started a morning meditation ritual, focused on the joys in my life, and prioritized my overall health. Even months after working with her, I still think ,"What would Jenny do?" when I need a self check-in. I love how all her tips fit seamlessly into my lifestyle without ever feeling like I am missing out on anything. This was the best investment in myself. Thank you, Jenny!!!"




  • Private Zoom Assessment Session:¬†Dive deep into understanding yourself

  • 1:1 Coaching: Weekly private phone sessions for 45 minutes¬†

  • 12/7 Support & Accountability: Unlimited text and email support¬†
  • Personalized Blueprint Plan: Learn targeted tools for lasting change

  • Behavior Change: Learn tools and strategies to improve chances of success¬†

  • Deep dive into what is preventing you from a healthy lifestyle. Work to overcome barriers holding you back
  • Iterating and building¬†to solutions together for your biggest obstacles, like time management¬†
  • iNotes Food Log & Checklist: Share your details and receive daily¬†feedback & guidance
  • Shopping Guides & Cheat Sheets: Google folder filled with PDFs to simplify the process

  • Free access to my¬†Lazy Healthy Membership with 100s of recipes, tips, better brands, etc.
  • Together, we'll create a tailored roadmap to help you build a more effortless sustainable healthy lifestyle¬†¬†¬†



  3, 6 or 9 month packages, billed monthly 

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S.M. (Age 35)

"Working with you has allowed me to find something within me that has been buried for a long time. You have helped me find a consistency that is reasonable and sustainable.  You have allowed me to confidently make other investments in myself, knowing that I will keep them, and they will help me to further get to my next goal and keep me feeling good. I really appreciate your approach, guidance, and support- thank you!!"

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