I'm Jenny Jiles, Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Behavioral Change Specialist.

I'm here to help you create small healthy habits to change your body and relationship with food, permanently.  



"My forever diet. It's my hormone, blood sugar stabilizing, stress reduction nutritional trifecta I implemented with Jenny. I'm down 18 lbs! I thought my metabolism was broken forever. Thanks for your help! It really changed my mid life! "


"Jenny is amazing and seriously life changing! I reached out to Jenny after feeling really awful both mentally and physically. I knew I needed some changes but didn't know what to do. I worked with Jenny for 4 months. During that time, I quit heavy drinking, found my love for cooking and creating healthy and delicious food, lost 10lbs, started a morning meditation ritual, focused on the joys in my life, and prioritized my overall health. Even months after working with her, I still think "what would Jenny do?" when I need a self check-in. I love how all her tips fit seamlessly into my lifestyle without ever feeling like I am missing out on anything. This was the best investment in myself. Thank you, Jenny!!! "


"Thank you so so much Jenny!! You’ve changed my life & I’m so appreciative for all that you do. I keep reminding myself of all of these things daily."


""Our work together was completely life changing. You helped me leave behind some diet culture propaganda that was stuck I'm my head since I was honest a child.And balancing out my nutrition was s big factor in getting off my anti depressants.""


"Calorie counting was my M.O. my entire life. I would restrict, and restrict, and was either on or off. Now, everything changed. I have this new relationship with food and understand moving into an older age, where foods have an impact.""


"I struggled with food and weight my entire life. My family and the way I was eating was dysfunctional. I'm breaking the cycle and learning to enjoy food again. "


""I used to be all of nothing…deprivation or extreme gluttony. Now I can just have two chocolate pieces, and feel really satisfied. Normally I would have eaten almost the entire bag.""


"I've learned I can handle these tough social, dining out situations. In the past, I would have eaten two pieces of bread before I even read the menu! I'm down 4 lbs and 1 inch off my waist already. I definitely feel lighter and the weight in the middle just feels so different."



My coaching style is designed to empower my clients to find their own internal compass in a noisy wellness & diet culture.

I'm here to guide, support and teach you tools to more effortlessly improve your relationship with food, boost energy, lose weight, and simplify a healthier lifestyle. 

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Better Body Membership App

Join my Monthly Membership is a diet free health and weight loss guide to help you boost energy, lose weight, and improve overall health & well-being.

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Private Coaching Program

As a 1:1 client, we'll work together to create your customized Blueprint plan that works for your specific needs, lifestyle and personality, so you can improve your health and reach your goals. 

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Course: Middle Aged Master Plan

This comprehensive course is designed to help you navigate this middle aged body you've found yourself in. The plan helps you understand your body and you'll learn strategies and tools to get you feeling better in a body you love. 

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