Weight Loss Woes and Subtle Sabotage

weight loss Aug 15, 2023

I can picture it: You have all your ducks in a row. Food journal? Check! Regular workouts? Absolutely! Enough fiber to rival a scarecrow? You're determined to tackle your weight-loss goal head-on. But, despite your valiant efforts, the scale refuses to budge. What gives?

There are subtle saboteurs when it comes to weight loss. I know you're doing ALL the things, but sometimes we forget some really foundational things needed to get rid of those stubborn love handles and bat wings.


1. Damn Dehydration

You've heard it before – drink more water, lose more weight. Simple, right? Well, not exactly. Sure, H2O helps curb your appetite, but when you're parched, your kidneys call in sick, leaving your liver to pick up the slack. The result? Fat gets stored instead of burned off. 

The real kicker can be fiber. Maybe you're piling on the roughage like there was no tomorrow, but without enough water, things down there tend to get, uh, stuck. This leads to constipation instead of a smooth ride!

Drink about half your body weight in ounces every day, and if you loathe drinking water like me, add in a no-sugar electrolyte powder like one of these (LMNT is my fav)


2. Passing on the Protein

Protein isn't just for bodybuilders; it's the secret weapon for feeling full and keeping your muscle gains intact while shedding pesky pounds. Passing on getting enough protein can totally sabotage your journey. 

Increase your protein, and you'll feel satisfied after meals, and those pesky cravings will take a back seat. Greek yogurt, eggs, lean poultry, fish, black beans, and lentils- love black lentils.


3. Sedentary Situation

Sitting too much can single-handedly sabotage your weight-loss dreams. Turns out, even the most dedicated workout routine can't make up for being a couch potato. No one believes this, but it's a hard truth.

To combat this sneaky foe, Eight to ten thousand steps a day is the goal. Stairs, farther parking spots, walking phone calls, and more can help get that step count up. How creative can you get?


4. Calorie Counting Crapshoot

Ah, the classic calorie conundrum. You can have your math down to a T and still get duped. Adding workout calories on top of already calculated BMR is like adding insult to injury. It's not an exact numbers game, and even your gut health can change how your body "burns" and absorbs food. One key is to remember that the quality of calories matters. Whole foods (less processed foods) are king (or queen ;), and your body prefers those.


5. Working Out – The Weight Gainer?

Who would've thought that hitting the gym could lead to gaining weight? You think you have worked out enough to earn a feast, only to realize you've overcompensated for those burned calories.

But don't despair! Exercise is still your health's best friend. It's just you need to be mindful of your post-workout hunger, and lighter low-impact exercises (like walking, have you heard me talk about walking ;) are a great way to burn calories and not get extra hungry.


6. Stress S***storm

You know that feeling when stress comes knocking, and suddenly all you crave is a mountain of carbs? Stress keeps the pounds glued on. 

To break free from stress's evil clutches, Turn to exercise – the ultimate stress buster. A balanced diet and a support network can also help the stress shitstorm. 


At the end of the day, remember weight loss isn't just about numbers on a scale. It's about feeling healthier, stronger, and more confident. The key is to make lifestyle changes that set you up for the long term. You can do this! 



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