Simplify lunch for you AND your child.

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2023


All the talk online is about what to pack in your kid for lunch when they go back to school...

All while I know the women behind those lunches are living off of coffee and scraps from their plates. The leftover waffle and a few leftover berries. Always the leftovers. 
Stop it. 
It's not enough fuel for you.
It's why you're exhausted and need more coffee.
It's why you can't lose weight even though you're "not eating that much". Right. it makes it weight loss harder. 
If you are making your kids lunch, then make yourself lunch too. Yours doesn't need to look much different from theirs.
Below is my Meals Made Simple PDF for you to download and put on your fridge so you can build yourself a damn lunch. 
Oh, and those glass containers above are soooo good. So good.
Featured here in my video too. 
Stop starving yourself until you're shaky. 
Plan for you like you plan for your kids. 
Have your lunch and eat it too. 

(tough) love to you,

Jenny Jiles

Your Realistic Holistic Nutritionist 

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