Have you heard about UPF's? (Say whhaaaa?)

fresh food processed food Aug 22, 2023


It's real, I promise. 

The World Health Organization shared we have nearly tripled (holy crap) the obesity rate since 1975, so it's crucial to pinpoint its root causes.

Recently, a research study started to prove what we have known for a bit but has been shut down on a large scale. I've got a few ideas why. Like Biggie Smalls says, "More money, More problems."

This study looks at the role of ultra-processed foods (UPFs) in this weight gain epidemic and suggests innovative approaches to combat it.

Barbara E. Corkey, a distinguished scientist at Boston University, dives into the realm of "obesogens," chemical compounds that have infiltrated our environment in the past half-century. Suspected as culprits disrupting the delicate balance of lipid metabolism and normal development within our bodies, these obesogens (sounds like a movie villain to me) generate misleading signals contributing to obesity.

That was scientific, but read it again.

At the core of her hypothesis is the idea that obesogens introduce misinformation within our bodies, manifesting as inappropriate insulin secretion or a false sense of hunger, leading us to store fuel unnecessarily.


These obesogens are believed to mess with our body's signals that tell us if we have too much energy or need more. These UPFs are MFers that trick our natural regulation system.

It's already hard enough to prioritize our nutrition in American culture. Let's stop eating foods that are slipping our bodies a roofie.

Let's shut that ish down.

Eat REAL food and see REAL change.

Let me help.


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