Have you heard about UPF's? (Say whhaaaa?)

fresh food processed food Aug 22, 2023


It's real, I promise. 

The World Health Organization shared we have nearly tripled (holy crap) the obesity rate since 1975, so it's crucial to pinpoint its root causes.

Recently, a research study started to prove what we have known for a bit but has been shut down on a large scale. I've got a few ideas why. Like Biggie Smalls says, "More money, More problems."

This study looks at the role of ultra-processed foods (UPFs) in this weight gain epidemic and suggests innovative approaches to combat it.

Barbara E. Corkey, a distinguished scientist at Boston University, dives into the realm of "obesogens," chemical compounds that have infiltrated our environment in the past half-century. Suspected as culprits disrupting the delicate balance of lipid metabolism and normal development within our bodies, these obesogens (sounds like a movie villain to me) generate misleading signals contributing to obesity.

That was scientific, but read it again.

At the core of her...

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