The One Food That Changes Everything

recipes Aug 11, 2023

The best part of waking up shouldn't be coffee in your cup! Remember that catchy commercial toon in '96? If you weren't alive yet, here ya go

While we are used to our routine of stumbling to the coffee pot, getting ready, and heading out the door with only a travel mug, we are sabotaging our nutrition. 

In order to have fuel/energy for your day, blood sugar stability (i.e. less cravings), and the ability to build muscle, you need protein-powered mornings. I love the alliteration and all, but it's true, and I will prove it to you!  


How much are we talkin?

1.  .8-1g per lb of Body Weight. (you doing the math in your head). Sh*t, that's a lot. Yep. And my guess is you're not getting enough. No need to be a mathematician about it; get an idea of protein amounts so you can estimate better. OH, and remember, my Half Your Plate Guide really simplifies things. If you missed that guide, it's here 

2. A 20- 30-Gram Minimum at breakfast...

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