Don't Sleep On Strength Training


Establishing a fitness routine in your 40s can feel like navigating uncharted territory. You might be wondering, "Should I lift weights or try to run a few miles?" Turns out you can actually have two best friends contrary to what Jessica/Jennifer/Ashley said to us in 4th grade. Both strength training and cardio offer amazing benefits for women over 40, but they target your body in different ways.

But then why does cardio get all the hype? ...(besides the fact that we grew up on Billy Blanks infomercials)  Let's take a look at why you shouldn't sleep on strength training.

Building a Better You with Strength Training

Strength training, also known as resistance training, involves using weights, resistance bands, or even your own body weight to challenge your muscles. And I won't act like I haven't used pantry items as weight before. Here's why it's a game-changer for women over 40:

  • Boosts Metabolism: Muscle burns more calories than fat, even at rest. So, strength...
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Mood & Food...not gonna gatekeep on the connection...


What is the situationship (as the kids call it these days) with mood and food?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it's the perfect time to prioritize your well-being. Honestly, every month is but the cultural reminder is helpful!  While many factors contribute to mental health, one often overlooked aspect is diet. The link between what we eat and how we feel is profound, with research consistently showing that our food choices directly impact our mood and cognition. Also, I am not saying that food is the ONLY connection to mental well-being; just that it is a strong one. In this post, we'll explore the connection between mood and food and discuss practical strategies for improving both.


Nutritional Deficiencies:

In today's modern world, nutritional deficiencies are common due to factors like food quality and sedentary lifestyles. Essential nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and magnesium play crucial roles in supporting overall...

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Ditch the Hangry: Why Skipping Meals Won't Help You Lose Weight (and What to Do Instead)

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2024

Did you know that 35% of women admit to skipping meals to lose weight?

Many women fall into the trap of skipping meals to shed pounds. It seems ingrained in diet culture, but ditch the hangry – it's time to make this a relic of the past! Not only is skipping meals ineffective for weight loss, but it can actually hinder your progress in several ways.

Why Skipping Meals Backfires

  • Metabolic Slowdown: Our bodies are incredibly adaptable. When you deprive them of food, they go into conservation mode, slowing down your metabolism. This means you burn fewer calories even at rest, making weight loss more challenging.

  • Hunger Pangs and Cravings: Skipping meals can lead to intense hunger pangs and cravings later. This sets you up for overeating, especially when faced with readily available sugary or processed foods that seem oh-so-tempting on an empty stomach. THIS ALSO MAKES US HANGRY.

  • Muscle Loss, Not Fat Loss: Your body prioritizes readily available energy sources when food is...

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This works even if you are bad at math.

Uncategorized Sep 05, 2023

Time for a little life math...

Consistency + Attention = Lasting Change

That sounds logical and legitimate, but for whatever reason, a breakdown happens when it comes to achieving our long-term goals. 
It could be because you're a perfectionist, and it's all-or-nothing. Maybe you're the martyr, constantly caring for everyone else and ignoring your own needs. Maybe it's the comparison trap, the list goes on and on. 
There are plenty of reasons (most of them excuses) why your weight loss plans fizzle. 
The bottom line is that our brains follow a simple formula for goals. When we want to make a change, we must be incredibly consistent and annoyingly attentive to the goal. 
Sometimes, we need help to do that. Enter coaches. And before that makes you feel weak, you're in good company if you hire a coach. 
Simone Biles
Serena Williams
Taylor Swift
Justin Timberlake
LeBron James
All those...
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Have you heard about UPF's? (Say whhaaaa?)

fresh food processed food Aug 22, 2023


It's real, I promise. 

The World Health Organization shared we have nearly tripled (holy crap) the obesity rate since 1975, so it's crucial to pinpoint its root causes.

Recently, a research study started to prove what we have known for a bit but has been shut down on a large scale. I've got a few ideas why. Like Biggie Smalls says, "More money, More problems."

This study looks at the role of ultra-processed foods (UPFs) in this weight gain epidemic and suggests innovative approaches to combat it.

Barbara E. Corkey, a distinguished scientist at Boston University, dives into the realm of "obesogens," chemical compounds that have infiltrated our environment in the past half-century. Suspected as culprits disrupting the delicate balance of lipid metabolism and normal development within our bodies, these obesogens (sounds like a movie villain to me) generate misleading signals contributing to obesity.

That was scientific, but read it again.

At the core of her...

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Weight Loss Woes and Subtle Sabotage

weight loss Aug 15, 2023

I can picture it: You have all your ducks in a row. Food journal? Check! Regular workouts? Absolutely! Enough fiber to rival a scarecrow? You're determined to tackle your weight-loss goal head-on. But, despite your valiant efforts, the scale refuses to budge. What gives?

There are subtle saboteurs when it comes to weight loss. I know you're doing ALL the things, but sometimes we forget some really foundational things needed to get rid of those stubborn love handles and bat wings.


1. Damn Dehydration

You've heard it before – drink more water, lose more weight. Simple, right? Well, not exactly. Sure, H2O helps curb your appetite, but when you're parched, your kidneys call in sick, leaving your liver to pick up the slack. The result? Fat gets stored instead of burned off. 

The real kicker can be fiber. Maybe you're piling on the roughage like there was no tomorrow, but without enough water, things down there tend to get, uh, stuck. This...

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Simplify lunch for you AND your child.

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2023


All the talk online is about what to pack in your kid for lunch when they go back to school...

All while I know the women behind those lunches are living off of coffee and scraps from their plates. The leftover waffle and a few leftover berries. Always the leftovers. 
Stop it. 
It's not enough fuel for you.
It's why you're exhausted and need more coffee.
It's why you can't lose weight even though you're "not eating that much". Right. it makes it weight loss harder. 
If you are making your kids lunch, then make yourself lunch too. Yours doesn't need to look much different from theirs.
Below is my Meals Made Simple PDF for you to download and put on your fridge so you can build yourself a damn lunch. 
Oh, and those glass containers above are soooo good. So good.
Featured here in my video too. 
Stop starving yourself until you're shaky. 
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The One Food That Changes Everything

recipes Aug 11, 2023

The best part of waking up shouldn't be coffee in your cup! Remember that catchy commercial toon in '96? If you weren't alive yet, here ya go

While we are used to our routine of stumbling to the coffee pot, getting ready, and heading out the door with only a travel mug, we are sabotaging our nutrition. 

In order to have fuel/energy for your day, blood sugar stability (i.e. less cravings), and the ability to build muscle, you need protein-powered mornings. I love the alliteration and all, but it's true, and I will prove it to you!  


How much are we talkin?

1.  .8-1g per lb of Body Weight. (you doing the math in your head). Sh*t, that's a lot. Yep. And my guess is you're not getting enough. No need to be a mathematician about it; get an idea of protein amounts so you can estimate better. OH, and remember, my Half Your Plate Guide really simplifies things. If you missed that guide, it's here 

2. A 20- 30-Gram Minimum at breakfast...

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Spot The Swap: Finding Weight Loss Success

blueprint mealplan portions Aug 01, 2023

Remember "Where's Waldo?"

Let's tap into those skills and spot the difference.  

It may feel like building a balanced plate is like trying to find Waldo, but it doesn't have to be that way. 

Adding more vegetables, limiting rice/pasta/noodles/tortillas, and using slightly less of the sauce, cheese, and avocado, lowers the calories and gets closer to my FFP on The Blueprint Plan. I have attached a plate guide below.
Restaurants typically serve the size on the left, which is why you should try not to clean your plate at restaurants. Eat slower and enjoy the meal, and I PROMISE you'll feel full much faster. 
If you want help with FFP plates in the palm of your hand, check out my app, Better Body!
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Walk This Way

exercise Jul 26, 2023

I know you can hear the guitar riff of that song right now. You know I love a vintage hit, so I thought it would be perfect for today's post. I want to talk about walking, I know, big shocker

Walking is the most natural, accessible, and budget-friendly exercise out there. There are TONS of impressive benefits to surpassing the 8000-step mark. 

I know 8000 steps may seem like a big number (I encourage my clients to do 10,000), but it really is attainable! It doesn't need to be a big chunk; actually, little walks throughout the day are BETTER. Just move any way you can throughout the day. Walk while talking on the phone or scrolling social media. Do walking meetings with coworkers or set up a standing desk or treadmill desk for your WFH gig. Even parking further from the store or, yes, taking the stairs...I know, I know...makes a HUGE difference. 

Here are some of the benefits:


Boosted Cardiovascular Health

Walking more than 8000 steps a day gets your...

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